"The Mike Neumann Show" is a hobby. It primarily serves two purposes: A means to capture conversations with my longtime friend, Dr. Timothy M. Jurgensen, and to scratch my itch for my newfound hobby that involves all things "Podcasting 2.0". If you're going to learn something new, there's no teacher like jumping in and trying everything all at once.

I have worked as a colleague of, and for many years to this day continue a friendship with, Dr. Timothy M. Jurgensen. For several years in the mid-to-late 2000's, "Dr. Tim" and I would meet at his 'office'; the corner booth at the Waterloo Ice House at 38th and Medical in Austin, TX. At first we just collaborated (he talked, I listened) about the INCITS and ISO standardization work that we were both working on.

After Tim's second retirement, when our standards work came to an end, we continued to meet for breakfast to talk about all kinds of things. Usually we'd talk about Tim's latest writing project and some of the things he had learned or was learning in support of his writing.

I had wanted to record many aspects of our conversations over the years for various reasons; mostly for posterity and as a gift out of friendship to Tim, but I didn't have what I felt to be the right tools for the job.

Another good friend had "hit me in the mouth", which didn't quite take for a few years and then he said, "Hey, Adam is starting this new thing you might be interested in" called Podcasting 2.0. Once I started listening 'round about Episode 8 of the Podcasting 2.0 podcast, I was hooked.

The result of all of these things is this podcast. Go Podcasting!

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