Episode 04: We Have Questions

Mike and Dr. Tim "Wade" back in to the leaked draft Supreme Court majority opinion discussed in the previous episode, but with a focus on the specific argument made by Justice Alito as his primary reason for overturning Roe vs Wade.

Along the way, we discuss condos razing community gyms, general real-estate escalation, skyscrapers, SpaceX launches as theater, etc.

We also get in to some things that are not being discussed in the news, that probably should be; like Life. Tim has started to read through The Phenomenon of Man and finds it an interesting read.

Join us again for our next "Breakfast with Dr. Tim" that we look forward to in probably three weeks from now due to some scheduling conflicts.

Go Podcasting!

-- Mike

Written by Mike Neumann in Episodes on Sat 21 May 2022. Tags: BWDRT,