Episode 06: So That Happened

Mike and Dr. Tim chat, and not as much about yesterday's historic event as you might think. We go meta, which in some ways is more fundamental to the world we all have created for ourselves today.

Go Podcasting!

-- Mike

Boca Chica grounded

Evergreen Links and Notes:
New! -- Podcasting 2.0, The Lightning Network, and Value4Value usher in a new era of podcasting that’s free of big tech control - 9to5mac.com

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Modern Podcasting Apps using Podcasting 2.0
Where most of the PC20 Buzz Happens - Mastadon server
Where the PC20 Technical Bits Happen - Podcasting 2.0 Github Page

Adam Curry and the Value4Value Model for Podcasting

Applications Showcased Here:
Sovereign Feeds
Livewire Podcast (Feed) Validator

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