Episode 20: Lagrange was here

Mike and Dr. Tim meet up for conversation at breakfast once again. Today we discuss some space things on Tim's mind; covering SpaceX in 2023, the 2022 SLS mission, and Legrangian points in space. We enjoyed our time and we hope you will as well.

Go Podcasting!

-- Mike

Show Notes:

Spacex could launch 1st Starship orbital flight in February, Elon Musk says
The Engines That Came In From The Cold And how The NK-33/RD-180 Came To The USA - YouTube. (keeps getting taken down on YouTube. No longer available on Netflix)
Is SpaceX's Raptor Engine the King of Rocket Engines? - Everyday Astronaut
SpaceX Plans Second Rocket Engine Factory near Waco, TX - KWTX.com, Jul. 10, 2021
McGregor: SpaceX ‘cemented’ in Central Texas with rocket facility announcement, mayor says - KWTX.com, Jul. 13, 2021
Firefly Joins the Orbital Rocket Club - Scott Manley commentary/mix with Everyday Astronaut
More cool Firefly Aerospace News: Northrop Grumman picks Firefly to replace Russian engines on Antares rockeet

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NEW Podcasting 2.0 Will Bring Bitcoin to the Masses - bitcoinmagazine.com, 15-Sept, 2022

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