Episode 21: Geosynchronicity

Mike and Dr. Tim meet up for conversation at breakfast once again. Today we continue where Episode 17: Almost to Space left off. We enjoyed our time and we hope you will as well.

Go Podcasting!

-- Mike

Show Notes:

What is a geosynchronous orbit?: Space.com - "Geosynchronous orbits are often also called "Clarke orbits" or satellites in this orbit are described as being in the "Clarke Belt" in honor of famous science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke."
Aurthur C. Clarke: Biography
The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke - science fiction novel describing the construction of a geostationary space elevator.
Live International Space Station Tracking Map: NASA.gov
C band (IEEE)
Parabolic antenna
Tuning into Satellite TV - NYT - "In 1979, the Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalogue offered a backyard satellite earth station for $36,500. Like his-and-her dirigibles, windmills and other products occasionally featured in the catalogue of the Dallas-based retailer, the dish-shaped antenna was an exotic plaything for the rich."
Early Satellite Dish History - tedium.co - fun article about the early days of ugly things for your yard.
Linkabit -> M/A-COM
Ku band
Satellite Business Systems

Evergreen Links and Notes:
Welcome to the New International Lifestyle - VALUE4VALUE
Podcasting 2.0, The Lightning Network, and Value4Value usher in a new era of podcasting that’s free of big tech control - 9to5mac.com
NEW Podcasting 2.0 Will Bring Bitcoin to the Masses - bitcoinmagazine.com, 15-Sept, 2022

The Podcast Index
Modern Podcasting Apps using Podcasting 2.0
Where most of the PC20 Buzz Happens - Mastadon server
Where the PC20 Technical Bits Happen - Podcasting 2.0 Github Page

Adam Curry and the Value4Value Model for Podcasting

Applications Showcased Here:
Sovereign Feeds
Hypercatcher Studio
Livewire Podcast (Feed) Validator
The Open Podcast Prefix Project (OP3)

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